Why We Olive

Why Choose We Olive?

One of the primary reasons We Olive is so successful is the commitment we’ve made to provide our guests with an extraordinary culinary experience. We’ve made it a top priority to exceed our guests’ expectations with both product quality and customer service…and we make the same commitment to our franchisees.

We Olive is more than just a franchise business opportunity, it is the ability to turn your passion into a career you’ll love. Joining the We Olive brand will transform your life for the better; providing happiness today and financial independence in the near future. When you are passionate about your business, work no longer feels like work, but instead a daily sharing of the enthusiasm you have in your heart.

When you join the We Olive Family, all of our advantages instantly become yours as well- and we’ve worked hard to attain those advantages in the retail gourmet food, wine, and franchise worlds. You’ll get everything you need to build a successful and profitable business that is set apart from the competition. By now you are probably familiar with what makes us different from other businesses, but it is our willingness to expand our concept while maintaining our core values of quality products and outstanding customer service that really make us unique.

Currently, we are seeking to expand our presence nationwide, making the artisan specialty food and wine bar franchise business available to people all over the country. Now is the ideal time to open a We Olive & Wine Bar because with our industry experience and this unparalleled growth campaign, there is nothing but success for the future!

Join our franchise system and enjoy expert industry insight, multiple streams of revenue, faster & lower start-up costs, reduced risk, low overhead, purchasing power, brand recognition, corporate marketing efforts, and endless ongoing operational support. With our proven track record of growth and success, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

We provide our franchise partners with the tools and support they need to be profitable and rewarding business owners. We Olive franchisees are fun loving business owners with a passion for what they do; now is the time to join the We Olive Family!

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