What a Concept!

We Olive & Wine Bar isn’t your typical franchise opportunity; the combination of retail products and a wine bar is unique and unprecedented. With a business that has two unique components working together to drive revenue through one another, while simultaneously attracting a wider customer base, success is imminent!

It is this unique generation of sales that sets up the foundation of success for all We Olive & Wine Bar franchisees:

  • No Direct Competition
  • Fulfilling a Customer Demand
  • Memorable/Desirable Shopping Experience
  • Multiple Streams of Revenue


We Olive’s solid business model is not just a happy coincidence, it was founded on:

  • High Quality, Artisan Crafted Product Lines
  • Dedication to Exceptional Customer Service and Education
  • Olive Oil & Wine – These are Enduring Products; No Fads Here!
  • Recession-Resistant Business
  • Ongoing Innovation to Improve Efficiencies, Guest Experience, and Store Profit
  • Constant Dedication to Supporting our Franchisees, our Guests, Local Growers, and the Industry as a Whole.
  • The Opportunity for Multi-Unit Growth

With a focus on:

  • Growing Revenues
  • Significantly Improving Customer Service
  • Significantly Improving Customer Retention
  • Building and Protecting the Brand
  • Building Franchisee Equity

It is our solid business model and superior branding that make the We Olive & Wine Bar franchise unique.