Industry Recognition

Emerging Growth Industry

We Olive is the  leader in the olive oil and wine bar franchise industry, and we are very proud of this recognition! Of course, we don’t take this rank lightly. When you are an industry leader, it’s important to not only maintain current levels of quality and customer service, but to simultaneously expand your presence nationwide. With a total of 11 locations right now, and more opening up in the near future, we are doing just that.

Here at We Olive, we feel it is our responsibility as the industry leader to be at the forefront of promoting this wonderful industry, and for a decade now, we have been doing just that! We have become well respected for our efforts in teaching consumers about the ever blossoming artisan trend and the health benefits of our products. Beyond education, we have positioned ourselves as strong advocates of COOC (California Olive Oil Council) certified oils, which have some of the highest standards in the world for extra virgin olive oil.

The We Olive franchise story began in 2003. Currently we have 11 stores across California, but that number is growing quickly! Outside of our stores, we’ve also founded America’s largest olive festival and worked to establish partnerships with artisan olive growers. We’re also proud sponsors of the UC Davis Olive Center and the California Olive Oil Council. Our very own Ruth Mercurio, Co-Owner and Managing Partner of We Olive, is on the Board of Directors for the COOC! It is through these close relationships with key organizations that We Olive hopes to continue the growth of this emerging industry.