About Us

We Olive & Wine Bars is a fun and exciting place to taste the finest artisan made extra virgin olive oils, wines, and delicious gourmet foods. In other words, it is a foodie’s paradise, a culinary shopping experience, and an educational destination for people passionate about delicious food, wine, and health.

The success of the company thus far has inspired us to offer a unique franchise opportunity for others who are interested in a business focused on the best things in life- delicious food and wine!

The culinary experience that We Olive & Wine Bar creates is one that draws family, friends, neighbors, and local businesses together. In our casually elegant atmosphere, customers enjoy California’s finest artisan extra virgin olive oil, wines, and simply prepared- health foods that are beyond delicious. It is our seamless integration of “The Olive Oil Experience” and an educational, tasting-oriented wine bar that bring customers back day after day. In fact, We Olive is unique in that we offer complimentary tastings of all our gourmet food products. Come in for a day of tasting artisan wines and tapas dishes, but be warned, you may never want to leave!

It is from our passion for delicious food, wine, and health that We Olive was born.

Our History

A decade ago, we noticed an increase in the consumer demand for more locally sourced, healthy, delicious artisan products. It was at this time that We Olive opened its first store. Stemming from our own passion for fresh, delicious, and healthy extra virgin olive oil, we created a place where growers, local chefs, and guests alike can experience and learn about the culinary pleasures of olive oil.

There is no doubt about it, our success has been built upon an unrelenting commitment to exceeding guest expectations with exceptional quality and an unparalleled educational experience.  Each and every day we strive to ignite the flame of culinary imagination in our guests, hoping to instill in them the excitement and celebration of fresh, healthy foods!


We Olive Today

Enjoying great food and wine with close friends, family, and neighbors is a centuries old tradition; in fact, pairing olive oil and wine is one of the most common traditions.  It is this rich custom that inspired We Olive to create a place where friends, family, and neighbors of today can come together to celebrate life in the same way.

With all of this in mind, the We Olive & Wine Bar was born. Guests enjoy a unique culinary experience, rich with California’s finest artisan-produced extra virgin olive oil, wine, and deliciously healthy small plates of gourmet foods. It is the combination of “The Olive Oil Experience,” robust retail gourmet foods, and an educational tasting-oriented wine bar that make this franchise opportunity unique.  Beyond the exceptional products and unique experience, this exceptional franchise opportunity offers multiple streams of revenue and has a proven track record of success!

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