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After a decade of successfully establishing and promoting the We Olive brand, it is no wonder we are often called upon for our expertise in the olive oil and wine bar franchise industries.  We’re honored to be recognized as the industry leader in California olive oil and wine and will always continue to share our knowledge with those who seek it.

There are a variety of video clips from various news outlets attached below. They include appearances from the We Olive team, which only adds to the credibility of the entire brand as a whole. Every time We Olive appears in the media, it’s free PR for all franchise owners and us! Take some time to watch these clips and get a better understanding of how the We Olive brand interacts with the community.


We Olive & Wine Bar Brooklyn in the News

Crain's NY Buiness logo

Crain’s NY Business Journal

 New York Times logo

  NY Times


         DNA Info Article


We Olive & Wine Bar Reno on the front page of the food section in the local newspaper



 We Olive & Wine Bar La Jolla in the News

Broadcase & Online Video



Fox 5: Olive Oil 101







Thrillist – Los Angeles