Veteran’s Discount Program


You’ve Shown Sacrifice, Let Us Show Appreciation 

Our Veterans have always been there to help us, and in return, We Olive wants to be there for them as well. We’ve always supported the men and women who serve in the armed forces, after all they are the reason we can pursue our passions in a free world; As a form of thanks, we offer our Veterans a $5,000 credit on any new We Olive & Wine Bar franchise purchases. This small gesture is actually one of the largest Veteran’s discounted available in the franchising world!

Veterans make wonderful additions to the We Olive family, bringing dedication, a great worth ethic, and long term goals for success to the franchises they own and manage. We love helping Veterans start their own businesses, and as a registered SBA franchise, Veterans might qualify for automatic approval of a SBA loan to help them start their businesses!