About You

If you love gourmet food and exceptional wines, truly enjoy educating and entertaining customers, and would like to nurture a healthy, exciting, and ever- evolving business, developing and managing your own We Olive store is for you! A We Olive & Wine Bar is so much more than your average business. You aren’t just selling gourmet items- you’re providing people with a unique, interactive, and authentic culinary experience. Healthy culinary traditions involving olive oil and wine date back thousands of years; as a We Olive business owner you are celebrating those traditions on a daily basis.

This is an exciting time for the We Olive family! We’re proud of the brand we’ve developed, the loyal customer base we’ve established, and the healthy products we’ve given a home on our shelves. In order to continue to grow our brand we’ve launched this national franchise program in the hopes of identifying similar minded business people who genuinely identify with everything We Olive stands for. Our search for qualified candidates who are as excited about this growing industry as we are is on!

Timing couldn’t be any better for you to join the We Olive family. This booming industry can provide long term growth results to sustain multiple We Olive & Wine Bar stores in chosen approved market and location.  Join us today while all the best locations are still available so you can begin your journey into the hearts and palettes of the men & women of the US who desire the highest quality gourmet foods and wines.

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