Our Advantages Could be Yours!

With absolutely no industry experience necessary, you can join the We Olive franchise family and take advantage of our years of experience. With our proven business model, rich in extensive education involving everything from the start-up process to the culinary application of products, you can start building a legacy to be proud of.

When you combine our business model, your passion, and a bit of hard work, you’re sure to achieve success.

We Olive offers:

  • An Established System
  • Brand Recognition
  • Purchasing Power
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Support System
  • Industry Experience
  • A Loyal Customer Base
  • A Network of Franchisee

If having little to no industry experience still has you feeling uneasy, remember that every franchisee gets their very own Franchise Support Manager to assist them with every aspect of running and managing a We Olive & Wine Bar. Plus, you’ll get extensive education concerning the production of olive oil and wine, plus the sensory qualities and various culinary applications. Whenever you need guidance, your Franchise Support Manager will be there!

Twho glasses of wine and bunch of grapes. Lavaux region, Switzerland