On-Going Operational Support

On-Going Support

We Olive & Wine Bar franchisees are so successful because of the on-going support they receive from us. This support and encouragement translates into very satisfied business owners that can honestly say they love going to work every day!

In an effort to constantly provide you with the support you need, our team will visit your store, once it’s officially open, and perform a standard review. This review allows us to monitor your progress, assess operations, and review the “day to day” activity that occurs. After the review, our observations will be compiled into a “Review Report” so you can monitor your store’s progress as the business matures.

Your support does not end there! On-going support means you’ll get all the assistance, training, and guidance you need for as long as you’re in business. Our on-going support includes:

  • Advertising guidance and material
  • Inventory management review and monitoring
  • Volume purchasing discounts and central buying benefits
  • On-going site operations review visits at your location
  • Newsletters, bulletins,  and Operations Manual updates
  • Additional training programs and input as it’s developed
  • In-store marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Continuous access to home office expertise and guidance

At any time, should you desire additional training sessions at company headquarters to help improve store operations, just ask! Also, be sure to take advantage of the We Olive franchisee network to learn from one another and continue to improve the We Olive Brand.

Personal Attention Franchisees Deserve!

As a We Olive franchisee, you’ll receive your very own Franchise Support Manager whose primary job is to act as an on-going business coach for you and your business. Your personal Franchise Support Manager will conduct the following business assessments for you:

  • Profit & Loss Review
  • Employee Coaching & Training
  • Ongoing Recruiting Assistance
  • Establishment of B to B Relationships

If the idea of your own Franchise Support Manager excites you, you’ll be happy to find out there is also a team of specialists that act as a central support team for improving every aspect of your business. From training to operational support, you’ll never be left to “figure it out on your own” when you’re part of the We Olive family.