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Franchise Ownership – Where Do You Want to Set Up Shop?

In the hopes of expanding our brand across the nation, we are searching for well-qualified, experienced, and passionate business people to develop key markets we have established as being a good fit for We Olive franchises. Below is a map that displays the key markets we are focusing on at this time.  If the geographical location you are most interested in isn’t shown on the map, fill out our franchisee Request for Information and we will get back to you shortly.

When you become a We Olive franchisee, your store will automatically receive a “radius protection,” which means no other We Olive & Wine Bars will be able to open within that area.  Basically, your area is protected so you’ll never have to worry about directly competing with another franchisee.

Of course, the rules are slightly different for Multiple 3 Store Unit Franchisees. These franchisees are able to “reserve” a geographic area that is large enough to (eventually) support 3 stores. This reservation of location essentially takes the area “off the market” in order to give the franchisee enough time to fully develop all 3 stores they’ve purchased.